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Choose success with FXPRIMUS – the Safest Place to Trade. Partner with us in a few easy steps, and be rewarded for every single qualified trader referred to FXPRIMUS. Benefit from our lucrative affiliate referral scheme, which includes a high compensation plan, a world-class suite of marketing resources, instant payments and insightful reporting - helping you to track your success with us. Our affiliates can also benefit from the global recognition of our official partnership with Manchester City FC. Build your business with us, risk free, and maximise your profitability!

The Perks:

  • Multi-Tier Commission Program
  • Frequent Affiliate Rebates
  • No Qualifications Required
  • No Client Referral Minimum
  • Access to World Class Marketing Resources
  • Access To Powerful Business Building Tools

How the FXPRIMUS Affiliate Program Works

We have a Multi-Tier Commission Program that allows you to recruit clients and also earn commissions on the trades of their referral network.

How Much Can You Earn?

Example #1: You refer 20 clients
For the first 20 clients you refer, you earn USD2.50 for each standard lot round turn trade (RTT) your clients make. If these clients trade an industry-standard 15 standard lots per month, this translates to:

20 customers x 15 round turn trades/client = 300 RTT per month So you make 300 RTT x USD2.50 per RTT =  USD750 per month in commission..

Example #2: You refer 100 customers
Once you refer more than 20 clients, we double your commission to USD5.00 per standard lot round trip trade (RTT). If you refer 100 clients:

  •  For the first 20, you earn USD2.50 per RTT

    20 clients x 15 round turn trades/client = 300 RTT per month
    300 RTT per month x USD2.50 per RTT = USD750 per month in commission

  •  For the first 80, you earn USD5.00 per RTT

    80 clients x 15 round turn trades/client = 1,200 RTT per month
    1,200 RTT per month x USD5.00 per RTT = USD6,000 per month in commission

  • So your total commission on the trading activity for all 100 customers is:
    USD750 + USD6,000 = USD6,750 per month in commission

If you are an Introducing Broker, you can recruit an army of affiliates and earn a second level of over-riding commissions from this affiliate network to explode your income!

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Trading on margin involves a high level of risk


Introducing Broker

Discover the forex industry’s most rewarding partnership programme and become an Introducing Broker with FXPRIMUS. Each of our IBs benefit from our lucrative commission schemes, extremely high conversion rates and advanced suite of instantly available marketing resources. IBs of FXPRIMUS can also profit from the global recognition of our official partnership with Manchester City Football Club. With year-round promotions, instant payments, and best-in-league customer support, our IBs are assured an unrivalled experience, helping to maximise their earning potential.

The Perks:

  • Special Two-Tier Commission Program for IB
  • Frequent IB Commission Payments
  • Your Own Personal Relationship Manager
  • Access to Select Partner Tools
  • Access to Powerful Back Office
  • Customised Commission Plan
  • High Volume Deposits and Round Turn Lots

introducing brokers

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Trading on margin involves a high level of risk

white label

White Labels

Become a White Label with FXPRIMUS and watch your business grow. Benefit from the world-class infrastructure of an EU regulated global brokerage, and maximise the earning potential of your business. We will tailor a generous commission plan to suit the needs of your business, and will support you through every step of the process. The FXPRIMUS White Label program allows you to maintain and promote your company brand without incurring the expense of developing your own trading application. We can customise your branded client interface to include specific currency pairs, leverage and margin requirements with full charting capabilities and position monitoring functionality.

A White Label Partnership with FXPRIMUS is like a forex franchise with your OWN company name.

Description Partial White Label Full White Label
Customised MT4 Platform    
MT4 Manager    
Live and Demo Accounts    
Earn Rebates on Client Trading Volume    
Add a Commission/Markup    
Launch Customised Promotions/Bonuses    
24/5 Customer Support    
Personal FXPRIMUS Representative    
Collect Client Funds    
Perform Compliance Checks    

Choose Success with FXPRIMUS. Build your own FOREX brand NOW!

We welcome you to apply today so we can assist you in setting up your White Label platform.

Trading on margin involves a high level of risk

Select Partner Tools

We support all of our partners to ensure that their businesses take off and reach great heights. Our stable and successful infrastructure - from the back-office to our personal relationship managers, will work to ensure success for your business.


sales and support

Sales & Support

Our team of professional support staff maximize the conversion rates of all your referrals. Our support staff regularly call your referrals to assist in all aspects of the following:

  • Practice and Live account opening
  • Live account approval
  • Initial and ongoing Live account funding
  • Continuous promoting of FXPRIMUS contests and special offers.


Your Personal Relationship Manager for Introducing Brokers

Your Personal Relationship Manager for Introducing Brokers

We take your business success as an FXPRIMUS partner very seriously. As such, once you register as an FXPRIMUS Affiliate, we'll assign you a Personal Relationship Manager (RM). This RM is YOUR personal contact at FXPRIMUS.

You will have your RM's personal email address and you can contact your Personal Relationship Manager about any issue you encounter or about any questions you may have.

Become an IB today

Your Relationship Manager is standing by to assist you.

Trading on margin involves a high level of risk


IB Concierge

FXPRIMUS IB Concierge service

The FXPRIMUS IB Concierge service provides Introducing Brokers with a simple solution for contacting and recruiting potential clients.

We assign a professionally trained Personal Relationship Manager as your exclusive personal assistant. Your Personal Relationship Manager is dedicated to help you grow your business by contacting and recruiting your potential clients for you. They help you convert your network contacts into your network traders.

Keep track of conversion progress in a real time reporting system, you can grow your business with ease and peace of mind.


Your Relationship Manager is just a click away.

Trading on margin involves a high level of risk


marketing material

Marketing Materials

As an FXPRIMUS partner, you have full access to our suite of online and offline marketing materials to help you grow your business, your way.

Online Marketing Materials
  • Downloadable FXPRIMUS marketing brochure in PDF format
  • Videos to show your prospects including educational content about Forex and reasons why your referrals should choose FXPRIMUS
  • An FXPRIMUS Live spreads widget that updates itself in real time
  • Custom banners including your name and/or logo in the size you request them
Offline Marketing Materials
  • FXPRIMUS brochure
  • FXPRIMUS notepads
  • FXPRIMUS business cards
  • FXPRIMUS banners and buntings for your ground events such as conferences and seminars
  • Customized artwork with your name and/or logo upon request. We provide the artwork and you organize the printing


powerful back office

Powerful Back Office

As an FXPRIMUS partner, you have full access to our suite of online and offline marketing materials to help you grow your business, your way.

Monitor referred traders and affiliates, track their performance and trading activity, manage your commissions, all in one seamless and powerful web-based platform.

Intelligently track client activity and monitor earnings from one powerful back office.

Managing your IB or affiliate business has never been easier! Inside your back office you can easily:
Get daily reporting of the rebates and commissions you have earned from your referred traders and affiliates
View and assess the performance of your entire trader network including amount funded and trading volume by trader and by affiliate
Analyse the complete downline genealogy of your referred affiliates and their referred traders
View detailed transaction data of your traders and the traders of your referred affiliates
Each report is highly flexible and customisable. Enter your own search, filtering and sort criteria to display the information just the way you like it.


multi account manager

Multi-Account Manager

FXPRIMUS offers a cutting edge Multi-Account Manager (MAM) application for Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA), Hedge Funds and Money Managers looking for a solution to manage multiple accounts using a single platform. As and IB or Affiliate, you may also have a network of traders needing your assistance to perform trading on their behalf. Now you can with the FXPRIMUS Multi-Account Manager, you will have access to:

Server-side plugins enabling instant execution, broker control, and server updates
Client-side software which allows you to adjust trading parameters
Unlimited underlying trading accounts, whether you manage 2 accounts or 2,000 accounts
Three allocation methods - Lot, Percentage, or Proportional
"Group Order" execution from the main control screen
Partial close of orders by master account execution
Full Stop-Loss, Take Profit and Pending order functionality
Expert Advisor (EA) trading of managed accounts from client side
Each sub-account has an output to screen report
Market watch window within Multi-Account Manager
Live order management including Profit and Loss


customer service software